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The Association S.P.R.IN.T. Onlus supports initiatives in the field of Tubulinopathies, a rare and still unresearched genetic disorder that causes psychomotor delays. In the most serious cases, the affected individuals can show a degenerative trend that leads to death.

This association promotes the Support, Prevention, Research and Early Intervention to try and tackle Tubulinopathies in the best possible way. We help with: 

• Support - Through tailored individual strategies, or with the help of small groups of families with children affected by tubulinopathies and/or visual disabilities; 

• Prevention - Through the sharing of information, with the objective to increase awareness and help identifing the pathology in its early stages; 

• Promotion - Through funding scientific and cultural research, to progress our knowledge and find treatment for Tubulinopathies; 

• Intervention  - Through first-hand pedagogical advice and the creation of tailored educational strategies for children and families.

To fulfill its mission, the association aims to raise funds through various events organised across the country.

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